International Doctorate Program Philology.

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Curriculum Vitae Marco Pouget


Chinese intellectual history, philosophy, and written culture. Everyday life, worldview, and sociohistorical developments of ancient and premodern China.


from 2021

International Doctorate Program “Philology” Doctoral Candidate and Research Fellow, FAU Erlangen and LMU Munich (Elite Network of Bavaria)

  • Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Michael Lackner (FAU), Prof. Dr. Hans van Ess (LMU)


M.A. Sinology (LMU Munich)

  • Thesis: "Some Remarks on the Position of Animals in Wang Chong’s 王充 Lunheng 論衡"
  • focus on Chinese History, Philosophy, and Language
  • Max Weber Programme Scholarship


B.A. Sinology, Classical minor Ancient and Oriental Cultures (LMU Munich)

  • Thesis: “A Study on the Tang 唐 Dynasty’s Heqin 和親 Policies. The Depiction of Princesses Married to the Huihu 回鶻 [Uighurs] ”
  • Intensive Chinese Language and Culture Programme, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, 2016-2017


  • Presentation “Locust plagues and other insects in early imperial China. Humans and insects in the Lunheng 論衡 by Wang Chong 王充”, Munich Centre for Ancient Worlds Conference "Insects in the Premodern World", Munich, July 2023
  • Co-organised IDK Conference "Beyond Comparison. Towards A Connected Philology” generously supported by Carl Friedrich von Siemens Foundation, Munich, June 2023
  • Presentation “Character glosses in Zheng Xuan’s Commentary to the Liji”, "China AG" Conference, German Association of Young Sinologists, Cologne, June 2023

  • Presentation: “Philological Practices of the Eastern Han Dynasty. Zheng Xuan’s Commentary to the Liji 禮記”, German-speaking Association for Chinese Studies, Kiel, December 2022
  • Organiser, Workshop “The Swiss Pocket Knife of Sinological Tools. Using the Thesaurus Linguae Sericae Database”, Munich/Bochum, November 2022
  • Workshop “Selected Problems of Syntactic and Semantic Analysis of Ancient Chinese Texts in the Thesaurus Linguae Sericae Database” by Lukas Zadrapa and Christoph Harbsmeier, Prague, October 2022
  • Presentation: “Zheng Xuan’s Commentary of the Zhongyong 中庸. Glosses, Quotations from the Classics, and the Notion of Morality”, China-AG Conference, Association of Young Sinologists, Heidelberg, September 2022
  • Presentation: “Learning for Rulership and Knowing where to Stand. Eastern Han Commentator Zheng Xuan’s Reading of the Daxue 大學”, European Association for Chinese Studies, Olomouc, August 2022
  • Co-Organised “China AG” (German Association of Young Sinologists Conference). Presentation: “Mythical Creatures and Questionable Details: Some Remarks on the Narrative of Bao Si 褒姒 in the Records of the Historian (Shiji 史記)”, June 2021
  • Presentation: “Portents or Equals: Animals in Relation to Humans and Heaven in Wang Chong’s 王充 Lunheng 論衡”, European Association for Chinese Studies Conference, Leipzig, 2019
  • Symposium “Rethinking Early Chinese Historiography”, Hebrew University, supported by Israel Institute for Advanced Studies, Jerusalem, May 2019


  • Visiting scholar, Academia Sinica Institute for Chinese Literature and Philosophy, generously supported by German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Taibei, September-November 2023
  • Workshop “Using Archaeological Databases. An Analysis of the Shaolingyuan 少陵院 Cemetery” with Yanik Hahnekamp, Munich Center for Ancient Worlds, 2023
  • European Summer School in Chinese Digital Humanities, University Aix-Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, June 2022
  • Seminar “Elements of Rhetoric, Syntax, and Semantics of the Ancient Chinese Language in Comparative Perspective” by Prof. Christoph Harbsmeier, Munich Center for Ancient Worlds, 2021
  • Seminar “Comparative Rhetoric and Discourse Analysis China/Greece/Rome: Case Studies” by Prof. Christoph Harbsmeier, Munich Center for Ancient Worlds, 2020-2021
  • “P2P” Mentor (Peer to Peer Programme), LMU Centre for Leadership and People Management, 2017-2021
  • Translation Workshops for “Records of the Grand Historian (Shi Chi 史記)” with Prof. William Nienhauser, Hangzhou and Munich, 2017-2020
  • Workshop “Sinological Research using Geographic Information Software” with Prof. Maria Khayutina (LMU), Munich, 2019-2020
  • Student Representative Philosophy Summer School “Traditional Chinese Philosophy and Its Contemporary Value”, Beijing Normal University, supported by Confucius China Studies Programme, Beijing, July 2019
  • Seminar “Honour and Shame in Early China” with Prof. Mark E. Lewis, LMU Center for Advanced Studies, Munich, 2019
  • Project Assistant LMU-China Academic Network Second and Third Scientific Forum, Hangzhou and Munich, 2016 and 2017
  • “Chinese Bridge Ambassador”, Chinese Bridge Summer Camp, Beijing/Tai’an/Shanghai, 2014
  • Pupils’ Exchange with Shanghai Jiading No. 2 High School, 2011


  • Volunteering Teacher, course "Foundations of an Empire. Theory and Practice for All under Heaven (tianxia 天下)", Pupils’ Academy China (Deutsche Schülerakademie China), charitable work for Bildung und Begabung network, Höchst im Odenwald, August 2023
  • Student Seminar “Insights into Narrative Literature of China”, LMU Munich Institute of Comparative Literature, 2020-2021
  • Tutor for Classical Chinese, LMU Institute for Sinology, 2017-2021
  • Teacher for Traditional Taekwondo, 2015-2016
  • Tutor of English and French for “SOS — Students without Sorrows”, 2010-2014


German, English, French, Italian, Chinese, Classical Chinese, Latin, Korean, Vietnamese